Continually doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Time after time, employers will get fed up with their current benefit plan, the benefits being provided, and most especially the pricing. BUT instead of looking for something different, something to stop the cycle, all that changes is typically the carrier and/or the broker.

This accomplishes nothing…the broker changes or there is a new carrier, but the plan and all the items of distress remain the same. Inevitability, times marches on and once again the pricing has gone up and the cycle begins again, because there has been no real change made on the benefit plan.

Here we have the same old strategy, but expected different results.

Stop the cycle with the introduction of Strategy,
Analysis, and Planning.

A good plan analysis reviews the existing plan design and measures it against the overall business strategy of the company. Review the past history of the benefit costs and claims, measure results, and account for the money being spent on coverage to compare it the money being spent to provide the coverage in the first place.

A benefit plan should mirror the business plan, being just as fluid and changeable as the business over time, because employees change and evolve. And, just like a good business plan, the owner should know all of the ins and outs of how everything is working and be able to compare it to how it is actually working.

Look at what is important to the plan members, understand the pricing, ensure catastrophic events are covered, then plan and implement strategic solutions which will ensure superior coverage and price stability over time so the cycle is stopped in its tracks.


There! The insanity is over.

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