Better Benefits Boosts Productivity

Allow MP Benefits to align benefits to safety to increase productivity results in your business.


Compensation is linked to corporate structure, recruitment, retention, motivation, performance, feedback, and satisfaction because this is how business “show” the employee is valued. 


Getting a deeper understanding of clients to understand not only “why” they want benefits, but to go deeper into “what” they do and “how” they do it to engage employees. 


That which promotes discretionary effort in employees – productive results which is at the exclusive discretion of the worker. Culture promotes employees to perform because they WANT to not because they have to.


First-line, front-line assistance for employees health: 

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Family
  • Legal
  • Social
  • Workplace

Who We Are

As your Group Benefit Consultant, ours will be a long-term relationship because building an effective plan, like your culture, requires consistent, on-going service and attention.

We do not work for any insurance or benefit provider. Remaining independent maintains the ethical placement of coverage with the insurer who demonstrates the best fit at the right price point. In this, the best interest of the client, is the ONLY interest we consider.

We don’t just work for you, but we are sincerely interested in your business and achievements. We want to celebrate your win’s. Only by understanding what makes your business unique can we design a program that meets with your corporate strategies and philosophy, always mindful that there is a cost and budget.

Our discovery process helps us uncover pain points, identify opportunities, and develop a plan specifically tailored to your objectives. With broader resources and more in-depth knowledge of group insurance and employee benefits, as your benefit consultant we work with clients of all sizes in a preferred capacity. 

How MP Benefits Helps

  • Getting an in-depth understanding of your business, culture, compensation, hiring practices and talent sourcing, and employee expectations for health and wellness
  • Support your efforts to attract and retain talent
  • Align your employee benefits with your organization’s objectives and culture
  • Leveraged experience on the marketplace offerings, including trends, products, liabilities, legislation, and much more.
  • Secure and manage the best vendors to meet your specific needs
  • Introduce flexible benefits such as Health Spending/Wellness Accounts
  • On-going service and administration, claim support, employee meetings, rate negotiations, plan design changes, amendments, etc.
  • Robust centres of influence to meet the demands of trusted advisors in all fields from accounting to legal, policies and guidelines, human resources, and more.

Putting Our Process to Work For You.

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