Strategy = Solutions

“[Our] objective is not to close the sale,
but to open a relationship”

  • In preparing a proposal for Group Insurance, we look at the following:
  • The employee census data provided from the client
  • An ‘apples to apples’ comparison of the current plan arrangement, if there is a plan in place
  • An ‘apples to oranges’ comparison based on plan design strategies
  • An accurate assessment based upon current rates and previous experience history
  • Suggestions for improvement

Once you are a client, we provide the following services on an on-going basis:

  • Assistance in claims
  • Education and training of the plan administrator
  • Employee meetings
  • A service binder specifically designed to lay the groundwork
    of information necessary to properly maintain the benefit plan
  • Experience reporting, which looks at the premiums paid into the insurance carrier, verses the claims received back by the plan members
  • Seminars for employees and plan administrators
  • Newsletter information specific to current and emerging trends
  • Business owner updates on information which affects their bottom line

The renewal process includes:

  • An analysis of plan usage and proposed rates
  • Does the plan ‘still’ meet the client’s and the employees needs
  • A look at future strategies
  • Attention to the details which enhance employee appreciation of the plan
  • Current coverage options
  • A review of the marketplace standards

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