MP Benefits Perspective

Since 2001, MP Benefits Inc. has operated as an independent group benefit consultant, specializing in designing strategic employee group benefit plans to align with the corporate, compensation, culture, and wellness policies of each corporation.


The Grass is always greener? Maybe … Maybe Not.

Where’s the empirical data which shows the savings over the long term? Spring is in the air and we’re seeing new growth everywhere. A brightness after those long grey months of winter. With the change of season, so too comes the look on the other side of the fence...

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Knowledge Transfer

Goes around, comes around… Effective communication is not a “soft” skill, but an absolute must in all areas of business. From pitching our product or service to potential customers, to working with centres of influence, to building a referral network, hiring staff and...

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Do we really understand the value of NON-TAXABLE?

Why should anyone care? Nothing seems to get a glazed look faster than a discussion on tax. Sure, if we want to complain about paying tax, or looking at the GST, we’ve plenty to say, but try simply to have a discussion on tax planning and see what happens. Feeling...

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Passing the “Benefit” Buck

The “Ace” in your benefit plan Did you ever play the card game “Pass the Ace” as a child? You get one card and three chances to NOT be left with the Ace at the end of the hand. Those who get the ace too often are bumped from the game until only one remains. It’s not a...

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Prevention Tactics

Benefit Plan Audits Employee benefit plans, like other business cogs, can be taken advantage of via fraud or other forms of mismanagement. A benefits plan audit can help employers minimize this risk and ensure the plan is on track to remain sustainable. Some...

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How to GROW a Penny

We earn. We save. We plan. We live. We spend. Then we often ask, what happened to MY money? Despite the fact that Canada stopped minting the penny on May 4th, 2012, we do know, without a doubt, that you can’t get to a dollar without watching your pennies. AND every...

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The roll of the die

Perception in benefits can sometimes be compared to casting the die on the corporate gameboard of culture—compensation—wellness—balance. Juggling the multitude of employment, human rights and liability issues.  Toss the die and land on the employee. Here you have the...

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The gaps between

See a need—Fill a need—Create a need I’ve been fortunate to be a student | alumni of the Disney Institute for a number of years and have gain significantly from their curriculum, both in usable tools and practical application. This has made me an astute observer...

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Who Pays? How Much?

The costs of not aligning benefits to productivity. EBN offered a webinar for post pandemic learnings—the silver lining take aways, where MP Benefits Inc. had the opportunity to share in conversation with Dr. Anthony Harris, MD MBA.  With the world pivoting within...

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Employee Mental Health Programs

This is a guest blog post from Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc. We're on a mission to help working Canadians promote and protect their health. wealth, and happiness, by delivering benefits by design. Employee mental health has been a hot topic since before the pandemic,...

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The Principal of Honesty

Honesty is part of the human experience. We have an expectation that people will be truthful with one another in our dealings both personally and professionally. This virtue lends to a major component of our moral fiber. Not only does the practice of dishonesty erode...

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Cancer Prevention: What can we do?

Cancer prevention is literally just “action taken to lower the risk of getting cancer.” This includes things like not consuming carcinogens, living a healthy lifestyle, and actively monitoring for cancer. Early detection being key to increasing the chances of...

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Client News

Knowledge does NOT equal Wisdom

 The valuable lessons learned from our clients. Early in my career as an accidental entrepreneur, I felt to gain the clients confidence I needed to wow them with how much research I had completed regarding insurance and specifically employee group benefits that I...

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Edmonton Granite Memorials

Memories of a lifetime etched in stone forever. For more than 55-years, Edmonton Granite Memorials Ltd. has earned the reputation of excellence for personalized custom designed memorials. As a third generation, family owned company, their commitment to the local...

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Credit Counselling Society

To help To educate To give hope The Credit Counselling Society is a registered, non-profit service for Canadians struggling financially. Their services help them learn how to: solve debt problems manage money better use credit responsibly If you know someone who is...

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