It happens in every business; clients are lost.

Clients can be lost for any number of reasons, poor service, better opportunity elsewhere, change of decision maker; but very often it all comes down to cost.

One client in particular had used me as their broker for many years. Through good times and bad, we worked with them to ensure the best solutions for their employees. When their business was in a flux, we worked with them to restructure their plan, refer good people in to assist in other corporate requirements. Retaining them with existing providers, we managed to trim fat, and retain the valuable bits, important to employees. When there was a problem getting the bills paid, we went to bat for the client, buying them time. It’s these types of extras and more that we do because each client is different and deserves someone on their side. We don’t say, “no, that’s above and beyond”, we listen and strive to understand their point of view and if we or someone in our trusted circle can assist, we simply do and refer the right people to provide the solution.

Now the company is stable and moving forward.

One would think, over this time, this is a good working relationship. A developed, trusted relationship. But then out of the blue, “we’ve decided to go elsewhere.”

Whoa, wait! Where did that come from? What happened? Where did we let you down? Why weren’t we included in the tender process?

Answer: “No, it is nothing you did. Service was fine. Just decided it was a time for a change.”

As a business in business, for businesses. And every lost client hurts.

It happens, yes. People say, don’t take it personal. But you know what? This is a personal business. A relationship business. If I didn’t take it personally, I really shouldn’t be in this business.

So, would we do it again?


Absolutely YES. As unique and valuable as every client is to us, so too will we continue to strive to provide as unique and value a service model for our customers who trust us with their benefits.

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