Have you ever looked at something for a long time…then blinked and everything looked different?

Two ears, one mouth…time to listen.

There are wants and there are needs…going to a breakfast meeting, there are expectations of choice of hot and cold food. That the food will be tasty and satisfy hunger, provide needed energy for the start of the day. That the people interacting will be positive and business focused. Agenda items will be cleared and everyone is moving forward with their goals.

However, what we don’t think about going into this breakfast meeting are the “needs”. The assumption that the food will be healthy and good to eat. That we won’t come away with food poisoning. We would assume the people attending want to carry on business and we won’t have an altercation or a setback.

Utilizing a “Client-Centric” formula, our goal transforms from selling a product to establishing a solution.

By establishing a partnership with customers, to understand their business, business practices, the employee base and their goals, we ensure decisions regarding the benefit plan reflects the wants, needs, and more importantly the preferences. This is achieved through on-going service, communication, and education.

Promoting “Pillars of Business” for the business owner, understanding the more specialized services rendered for all of their needs will ensure sound practices and successful outcomes for both the business and all who support the business. Connectivity is crucial to anyone’s success and establishing trust is paramount to this end. Therefore, our centers of influence have to be those professionals who have set themselves apart as leaders in their chosen profession and can offer our customers quality services when they need them.

Our role is work with the customer, not to focus on selling a product. This means the information and interactions and ultimately the plan design for the benefits package emanates from the client, who knows and understands their employee’s needs and wants. Everything we do as a broker is built on the premise that personalized service and interactions are prompted by the customer and/or their employees. This then results in a benefit plan as unique as the organization themselves, setting them apart in the marketplace as THE PLACE TO WORK and engage and, of course, succeed.

While these ideas are not new or secret, they are still seldom focused into action in an industry still focused on the product. Being Client Centric in our every day, as brokers, involves thought and workflow processes customized to each customer, resulting in satisfied clients over the long term.

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