What will it mean?

Medical marijuana has become a consistent element of discussion under a group benefit plan these last years. With the availability of being able to process claims for medical marijuana under a health spending account, it is only a matter of time where the access of coverage under the mainstream—core—benefit package becomes the norm. The reason medical marijuana is not included in health plans is that Health Canada has still not issued it a drug identification number (DIN).

The end of the prohibition for recreational use by the federal government enables anyone over the age of 18 to purchase up to 30-grams of dried or fresh cannabis. In two separate bills, the Liberals plan to regulate the recreational side, as well as impose stringent measures against impaired driving. Because provinces will be responsible for distribution and sale, they also have the power to increase the minimum age if they see fit.

As cannabis use because more normalized in the years to come, it is likely Canada’s main providers will come on board. But with the high costs of drugs being an issue, segmenting and encouraging overall maximums, applied health-related situations, like only allowing the usage to treat such illness like cancer, multiple sclerosis and the like may be necessary to curb escalating costs.

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