If you can indulge me for a moment … close your eyes …

Picture an island in the Pacific during World War II … the rugged coastline extends nearly 1,600 miles with a major mountain range cutting through the centre. At least three countries claimed strongholds on this island—Dutch—British—US, plus at times, depending on battles won or lost, Japanese and German.

Due to the mountains, mangrove swamps, and dense jungle, passage overland is nearly impossible, so it’s left untouched. Rainfall runs as high as 300 inches per year. As one veteran recalled, “It rains daily for nine months and then the monsoon starts.” No roads or railways, yet this is the second largest island in the world. Planes seldom flew over the centre of the island due to dense cloud cover and frequent crashes when attempted.

There is only one recorded plane rescue due the war.

And this is how, right in the heart of this island, an isolated tribe of about 120,000 previously uncontacted, people were discovered. They existed as though they were in the stone age. They had no notion of even the ocean that surrounded them or the many countries who fought for the territory because they couldn’t venture out and no one could get in. As far as they were concerned there was no War. They were the Biami People of Papua New Guinea.

In having a group benefit plan, it is easy to claim our territory and accept the status quo. Not ask questions or expect more. Before long we find the benefits to be archaic at best, in the stone age of coverage. Then employees are complaining, wondering what they are contributing to and the corporation wonders why they even bother.

This is where a second opinion may be a welcome respite from the every day. To get to know the potential of the wide world of benefits and benefit options. To have someone listen to the needs and the wants of the company. To understand the core values and business practices and then, and ONLY THEN design and develop a plan to scale the mountainous terrain of achieving the corporate goals.

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