Okay, I have to share this, but if you are eating, don’t read on …

I’ve had to get quite a bit of dental work done lately to replace decades-old fillings. Due to these experiences as a child, I am one of those patience with some anxiety prior to sitting in the “chair”. No, I don’t need to be sedated or anything, but I do get nervous. In this situation, I am back for week two where we are going to replace another filling and be fitted for a crown.

My appointment was the first of the day—7 AM and because I have a bladder like a teacup, combined with my natural anxiety with dentists, I to use the facility. Conveniently located, the bathroom is right there in the patient foyer before you go into the back clinic area.

I have to wait because the bathroom is occupied, no problem, I can wait … and I wait. Good thing I came five-minutes early as I wait some more. Okay, now it’s after seven, but no worries the dentist hasn’t come around, so we’re all good and I remind myself I am the first appointment of the day … 

FLUSH … water running, and the door opens…

The smell literally hits me before I see that it’s the dentist. OMG, what do I do? I want to hide. Assigning bodily functions, though natural is not something I want to consider when someone has to have their fingers in my mouth. The dentist doesn’t say a word, just proceeds down the hall. I’m shocked into a statue position for a moment too long.

Still, I have to go, now more than ever and there is no other choice. I am facing an hour to two in the chair, it’s stay or hold. 

I’m a mom of boys, get over my own self and in I go. 

I hate to reveal, “it” should have been a double flusher because he left some behind gathered at the bottom of the bowl. I swear it was swirling.

At this point you are going to think I am putting on … I AM NOT

So, I flush, pee and guess what???? Empty toilet paper roll. Not a square to spare. Empty cardboard. 

Now I’m just mad. Honestly, I am paying this fellow thousands of dollars today for this damned tooth and the crown and he stinks up the joint and leaves without replacing the roll. 

So, my customer service questions are a LOT, but I will summarize like this … 

  1. Why doesn’t he have a separate facility for staff as opposed to his customers?
  2. Why couldn’t he do his business prior to the workday?
  3. I get he may have been caught short but put a refresher spray or something would have been nice. The whole of the waiting room smelled like his business.
  4. And have some common courtesy, stock up on toilet paper.

Though businesses may discount these small things when their customers pay a call, this kind of impression matters and will stick. I’ll be shaking my head on this one for a while.

We’d be pleased to engage in a meaningful conversation. Give us a call. 

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