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Team Building

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Corporate culture is understood to be the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

But that makes the assumption that every team within the organization operates in the same manner even though they may structure their work and the customers they serve differently.

In this episode, we SHifT the conversation lens to chat about this.

Are we striving for work-life balance … or do we embrace the see-saw of being passionate about both?

Each team’s cohesion may, in fact, work toward the same vision of the corporation, yet their operational dynamic may be fundamentally different from the rest of the organizational structure. What happens when you lead such a team? Or when you are part of an organization and decide to build out your own team culture within the overall business?

What makes this SHifT different?

Learn, share, and network with peers to build your expertise. Collaborate to grow or transition your career and personal growth toward successful outcomes.

Grow yourself…Grow your business.

SHifT: Business-Culture-Staff-Leaders-Productivity-Wellness-Compensation to pivot your Bottomline to SUCCESS!

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