Let’s Talk About SHifT

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How do we improve conversations about employees investing for the future? Instead of Group Retirement being relegated to the “spare” piece on the benefit board, is there an opportunity to bring this to the forefront?

Conversation and Education

In this episode, Dave Campbell from People Corp.has a conversation about the competitive advantage of including a Group RRSP as part of your active benefit offering.

Did you know … Approximately 70% of employees feel their employer should support employee financial well-being and would choose a new job with a group savings plan instead of staying at a current job without one.

To compliment the “Hire to Retire” corporate culture and aligning with the full total compensation package, Group RRSP’s are a must have conversation.

We explore:

*Competitive offerings


*Program buy-in difficulties

*The financial commitment


*Plan Design


*On-going communication

Here’s why we all need to talk about this SHifT

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