Imagine the relaxing jets of water from a lovely shower head, warm on a cold day. Imagine one of the jets out of line and a small drop of icy water drips onto your head. Even amongst the warm water, this one drop is felt and disturbs the enjoyment of the shower.

Is the problem the one jet, the showerhead, or both. Maybe, the remedy is as simple as the setting realignment.

What about the leaking facet? One day it’s working fine and the next you notice how the flow doesn’t immediately change when you turn the knob. Then over the next week or so, there’s a drip. The drip then turns to a stream and you realize this is a problem that needs to be fixed because it’s costing you money—all that water down the drain.

Is the problem here the water down the drain or the facet? Perhaps the problem can be remedied with a new filter, a tightening of the taps. Or may the whole mechanism needs replacing. You won’t know until you investigate, but certainly, the water down the drain needs to stop.

How about the leak in the roof? Is the problem the leak or the roof? What needs to be repaired.

You get the picture.

Despite our practicality in looking at concrete problems around the home, it’s hard to see the same applied to the culture of our companies. 

·      The shower head—staff mis-alignment

·      The leaking facet—employee turnover costs

·      The roof repair—lost customers

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