Have you heard of Telemedicine?

The latest upgrade in virtual healthcare is Telemedicine, a full-service, 24/7 unified, total well-being approach to health delivery. Whether for pharmacy delivery, lab tests, referrals, mental health, chronic disease, long-term, and urgent care support, and much more as unique in delivery as the person being serviced. The end user has access to mental, physical, social and financial services through the interconnect ability of employee assistance and medical services.

The Telemedicine Conversation

On a recent episode of “Let’s Talk About This SHifT”, Rod Ezekiel from LifeWorks, Morneau Shepell spoke about the launch of Telemedicine as an answer to the need for Canadians to be able to access integrated support for a total wellbeing experience.

Without data, it’s all just opinion…and the data suggest, 69% of Canadians would use virtual health care services when physical visits are inconvenient. Additionally, by the same percentage, employees report that they would utilize virtual health care services if it were made available via their benefit plan. Those who are already accessing virtual health services positively report the multiple benefits, including, but not limited to convenience and not being exposed to other disease agents.

In addition to improved health care outcomes, regardless of geographical location, it is further suggested the immediate access and convenience will reduce overall health care costs, especially over the long term.

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