In this 24-7 world were everyone is virtually—virally connected to everyone else, isn’t it strange to consider the coffee house fulfilling the actual meaning of personally connection to one’s neighbours—friends—community: socializing as the true meaning of the word.

The interaction of one organism with another organism and their collective co-existence.

With a dark roast in hand, has our vision of community suddenly ellipse into the small world of the coffeehouse?

Not really.

Historically, coffeehouses were always the place to share political views, community announcements, social concerns, work, and engage with each other.  Sociologists celebrate the coffee house as “third place” that promote friendship and community while serving as an alternative to socialization at home and work.

As a business owner who spends time meeting in the coffee house as an alternative to the boardroom, I have noticed, once I cross the threshold of the coffee house, the phones get muted and put away. The books and laptops emerge, sometimes, people smile, strike up conversations and actually engage with one another.

We (including me) spend so much time typing, focused on our electronic devices, our thumbs completing the tasks historically reserved for our voices, that the coffee house seems to be the one last bastion where we look up, set the devise down and communicate effectively. Someone talks, we listen. We talk, we share.

From this busy professional to you, I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the coffeehouse!

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