How many times do we as consumers get excited about that big purchase only to be let down by the lack of service after the sale?

Something is lost in the value of the purchase when that happens.

It has been said that ‘service after the sale is where the rubber hits the road’ and I believe this to be a fundamental truth.

In selling insurance, getting you as a client is simply the first step. Keeping you as a satisfied client, willing to refer our services to others, is the goal. The only way to achieve this is to build a long-term relationship with each and every client, being responsive and answering questions or concerns as they happen, when it matters.

Clients have the ability to choose anyone to satisfy their financial and insurance goals. Insurance is a saturated market, highly competitive. The fact that our clients have chosen us is a privilege we strive to never forget. Building their loyalty through excellent customer care to retain their business is a fundamental business goal.

In achieving this goal we:

  • Provide personalized service. We know our clients by name because they mean something to us. We never want our clients to have to tell and re-tell their issue or concern in order to achieve a solution or remedy.
  • Keep notes and follow-up until the situation has been resolved.
    Ensure our clients have the correct contact information to access services immediately.
  • Make ourselves available to answer questions or concerns regarding claiming issues.
  • Assist with form completion.
  • Provide guidance when a catastrophic event occurs such as a life, disability or critical illness.
  • Assist with enrollments and terminations from the benefit plan.
  • Ensure when there are additional insured needs required, you speak to an expert.
  • Make recommendations based on the most appropriate product for your needs.
  • Never allow price to influence the product recommendation.
  • Do our research, stay informed and be educated on the products and companies we represent.
  • Respect a ‘no’ answer when something does not meet with the client’s expectations regarding additional products or services.

And most of all, we want to THANK YOU for your business!

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