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Twenty Advantages of Employee Group Benefits

  • As many employees do not own a Life Policy that is not connected to a mortgage or a loan, sometimes the only insurance they have is through their employer.
  • Life Insurance provides a corporate policy in the event of an employees death
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit provides a lump sum payment to ease changes in lifestyles as well as unexpected deaths.
  • Disability coverage initiates a corporate policy in the event of an injury or illness. What is the corporate policy in the event of a disability of a valued, long-standing employee?
  • A group policy, without medical evidence being required in most instances, provides for 24-hour coverage for all benefits, including disability insurance.
  • Provides Out-of-Country emergency care for business or pleasure, so the need for individual travel insurance is reduced, often eliminated.
  • Drug coverage is available, without undue restrictions, by submission of receipts or through pay-direct drug cards.
  • Employee Assistance Programs provide 24-hour counselling services.
  • Health and dental coverage for those day-to-day expenditures to keep a family healthy.
  • Conversion privileges are available for both life and disability products.
  • Provides a tax-deductible alternative to a raise in pay.
  • Benefits are less expensive than a raise because there are no additional increases in CPP, EI or WCB payments.
  • Helps attract and retain key employees.
  • Increases productivity and the quality of employees’ work.
  • Healthier employees reduce turnover and absenteeism.
  • Group insurance is an investment in a company’s well being, rather than an expense.
  • Increases morale and gives the company a leg-up over the competition.
  • No in-the box plans. Custom designed benefits, specifically tailored to the corporate needs, assist in achieving corporate goals and objectives.
  • Employees and employers receive benefits without having to belong to an association, where membership fees are usually required.
  • Employees and their families are protected against devastating and catastrophic events.

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