Seems like the whole world is tired and the news never changes. AND, we’re not done yet. Cultivating resilience in the workplace may require some emotional rewiring, accessing outside help, like your employee assistance plan, and being creative in the strategic approach to success. 

This starts by being able to identify the biggest challenges in the next week, to 30-days, to 90-days and reset the goals to accommodate the timeline. As an organizational mind shift, this may require time from the leadership team and management, to contemplate the difference between what is urgent verses what is important. Doing this means being able balance comfort with containment, and finding new ways to energize the team. We all know, employees need to be motivated to engage and be productive so employers, managers, and team leads, despite a lack of current patience, must energize everyone, every day. 

Some strategies to share to safeguard time, energy, effort and ultimately the employee’s purpose within the organization, may include:

  • Helping employees understand their worth to the organization, an appreciation of their achievements through effective communication.
  • Be clear in expectations on a go-forward basis. Make a plan based on the reality of what is, rather than imagining what will be.
  • Negotiate for flexibility. If there is one thing we are learning and learning well it is the absolute need for elasticity. Legislation, guidelines, expectations are ever changing. The time for rigid rules is not in a time of great change.
  • Be aware of the environment. Whether employees are working remotely or on location, the environment has changed. This means addressing distractions, negativity, and other questions and concerns which can impact productivity and erode motivation.

These kinds of working boundaries will assist with the prevention of burn-out and allow for staff to recharge, re-engage, and be motivated.

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