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It’s likely hiding in your bookkeeping through recoverable sales tax. Brian Litvin is a Canadian expert on this topic.

Canada-based Litvin Muir and Associates, is a firm specializing in Canadian Sales Taxes (GST/HST/QST/PST) and International VAT (Value Added Taxes).

Their expertise includes advisory, recovery and compliance for clients, increasing sales tax efficiencies, streamlining processes ensuring efficient GST and Global VAT management, and minimizing GST and VAT costs. Our recovery services are unparalleled, and generate significant value. Present and past clients include companies on the Forbes 50 list, multinationals and U.S. companies in multiple different industries, many of which are household names. Our reputation has been earned with hard work and amazing success. Need help navigating a Canadian sales tax audit? Our seasoned professionals can help you steer the course, and minimize any assessments.
Companies which have benefited from this expertise include: Dole, Air Canada, American Eagle, Purolator, The Home Depot, etc.

Think there’s no money to be found … think again…

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