Disruption is such a business BUZZ word, like the annoying mosquito, or house fly, which just doesn’t take the hint when you flick your wrist. There’s nothing wrong with disruption for improved practices, so long as we remember to maintain the greater good. What made what you do GREAT—work for the client’s benefit in the first place.

So, when I see the banner “The most dangerous phrase in the language is “we’ve always done it this way”.” I cringe. Literally. For one thing, is that really the most dangerous phrase? In this ever-changing, constantly evolving, volatile world…really?

And anyway, what is really so dangerous about maintaining those items we’ve always done for the greater good of customer. Things like:

  • Putting the client’s needs first
  • Trying to anticipate what they need so we are pro-active, rather than reactive.
  • Answering calls as they come in with a live voice, instead of a robot.
  • Returning calls promptly to let the customer know that we care enough to call back straight away to see “how we can help”.
  • Having in person, real meetings to get to know our clients and the business they do better so we can actually build a customized benefit plan based on knowledge.
  • Sending hand-written notes which require a bit of thought, time and effort to compose.
  • Remembering birthdays, rather than relying on a “bot” to do that.
    Taking the time to assess what’s in their best interest and that of their employees

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