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Travel Insurance

Why would you ever travel without proper coverage?

How much would medical care cost if you or your family became injured or ill during your trip outside Canada?
How expensive would it be if you needed to cancel your trip or come home early?
How would you pay for these unexpected expenses?

Purchasing travel coverage BEFORE a trip is essential.

If it is included with your group benefit plan, be sure to take your travel card with you. It is not a credit card. It is an informational card to be used when an unforeseen, emergency event occurs to you or one of your family members. Use the numbers on the card to ‘activate’ the claim. By doing this, you will ensure the best coverage, access to services and most importantly, protection of the health and wellbeing for you and your family while travelling.

If you do not have travel coverage attached to your group benefit plan, call today for a quotation on coverage.
Perhaps you travel more than once a year, consider purchasing a multi-trip plan for those 15-35-60 or even the snow bird trips taken throughout the year.

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the best ways to guard your health and financial well being.

Travel insurance is intended to cover the cost of emergency treatment not covered by the provincial plan while outside Canada. From hospital rooms to physician charges to prescription drugs. It also covers the cost of flying a family member to you, if travelling alone and injury occurs … air fare changes, the return of an insured’s vehicle, chaperoning minors who must return home alone, and a incidental hospital charges.




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