To take a page from the great business leadership coach, Dan Sullivan, when it comes to benefits, our goal would be;

If we were to have a conversation three years from today, and you were sitting here looking back over those three years, what has to have happened for you to feel that I have met or exceeded your expectations?

In order to achieve a positive outcome, we must not only be pro-active with our clients, transformative in the business arena in which we practice. What this means is:

We change benefits from being an unwelcome expense, to an asset to compensation.

It’s not how much the client pays—the rates—for their benefit plan…it is the opportunity for the employees to make claims easily and efficiently, creating a return on the invested corporate dollar.
Yes, we compete using the industry products available in the marketplace, but we do this through an effective delivery system with customer solutions in mind.

Many new models offer products or services that are better tailored than the dominant models to customers’ individual and immediate needs. Companies often leverage technology to achieve this at competitive prices.

Competitive Solutions
Rather than continue on the hamster wheel of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result—such as changing carriers while never analysis the claiming process and patterns—we analyze and educate, making it easy to identify who the best provider is to align an achievable result.

Professional fence posts
We are NOT in the “we do that too” marketplace when clients have a specific need that falls outside the scope of benefits. Instead, we have aligned with the very best professionals to introduce to customers to ensure the very same standards we strive for in benefits, is the outcome for all other aspects of their business needs.

This includes employment law, human resource professionals, accountants, coaches, policy experts, financial planners, corporate lawyers, to name a few. This enables much stronger relationship that last a lifetime.

 Defy the traditional
Building benefits is like creating the blueprints for a home, you want to ensure unique solutions mesh with the uniqueness of the business in question. No two businesses are alike and certainly the employees are synonymous with the organization and cannot contained within a cookie cutter plan. Therefore, any model offered has to reflect an understanding of the underlying problems, needs, frustration, and history of the business and the staff alike.  This will achieve a plan where employees know they can depend on the coverage to be there when they need it.

The collaborative approach
Yes, we negotiate and yes, we make suggestions BUT our clients should never feel they have been “told” what’s good for them. Instead, we endeavor to listen and understand their needs and build accordingly. We want to align our core competencies around creating unique solutions always leaving the customer in the driver’s seat.

A bit old fashioned
Sometimes something old is new again. We believe in in-person meetings and having a chat over the phone. That doesn’t mean we don’t use technology—sure we do—however, we still believe in a hand-written card, remembering people’s birthday’s and celebrating special occasions.

Creating solid customer relations is a two-way street, their trust in doing business with us, means we remember they are in business too, so we feel an obligation to connect them to others who will improve their business.

We all win when we all work toward success.

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