Recently business discussions have delved into the deeper “why”. Why do we do what we do? Start with the why, rather than the what and how. Makes sense really, we’re in business for a reason…why are we motivated to do what we do…

Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” is a great beginning to getting to our unique differential.

So often there is the concentration on what we do—creating customized employee group benefits—and how we do we do it—through credible insurance carriers—rather than focusing our attention to why do this.

The reality is, MP Benefits Inc. strives to create change—make a difference.

Benefits are not an add-on, after thought. Much consideration should go into the construction of group benefits. They are a necessary essential in many people’s lives. MP Benefits Inc. sits on many boards and belongs to a variety of organizations, participates in public speaking to elevate and educate how employee benefit plans plays and integral role in the human resources and employment strategies of a corporation.

Providing advice in this capacity to the business owner should be taken with the same respect applied to individual financial planning. Therefore, the professional assigned to implement the plan should be considered an expert—a specialist in building benefits. Understanding the accounting, legal and human resources implications and surrounding the employer with the experts in these fields is imperative to the role of a benefit broker.

This leads to the attraction and retention of top employees. As mentioned, for many, benefits form an important role in the overall compensation. Because of the unique tax advantage, in many cases, benefits can represent 5-6% of an employee’s salary. Take it away and employees will be disadvantaged significantly. Healthy employees are productive employees. Productive employees generate revenue. This is the ultimate return on investment.

This is our “why”.

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