People are the core of every organization, no matter who that organization is or what they do. And while no two companies are alike, at the end of the day, successful corporations ensure their people are treated and respected.

Leadership matters

Imagine for a moment, as a business owner, you have invested in a fleet of vehicles. The expectation is a return on this capital investment. By this, you need to ensure their on-going maintenance and upkeep. The tires will be conserved, the oil changed, and as a critical tool, they will be filled with gas, etc. because they serve a purpose to the company. Without them, the company’s ability to earn will be hampered. 

Clearly, this same logic can be aligned with our people. We need to take care of and maintain these critical relationships because to abuse or devalue their key function in the attraction and retention of customers, costs the business revenue. Understanding how these facets align is culture. Whether intentional or not, each corporate entity will have a culture. Is it the one you want to have? More critically, is it the one you want to work within?

Christine Nielsen boldly said on Let’s Talk About This SHifT, “everybody wants to talk about diversity and inclusivity, and belonging. Well, if you’re talking about it, it means you already missed the boat. You haven’t been being it for the last decade.” 

If you have to have a conversation in your organization, you have not been being powerful with the people who work for you and understanding the different values that people bring no matter who they are.”

The customer journey

Your people make the difference. Your people are your front-line to your customers. Your people are the key to determine what is possible and not possible. There really is no secret sauce. It’s all there. We simply have to approach our culture expectations with the same intention as our overall strategic plan and stick to it.

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