Never “Set it and Leave it”

Benefits is a high touch insurance offering…never a set and leave it proposition. From the initial conversation about the value and purpose to the on-going support, a consultant needs to be there for:

  • claims questions, issues and resolution
  • employee meetings
  • administration concerns
  • billing
  • rate negotiation
  • plan amendments
  • alignment with other professionals just to name a few

Align compensation with benefits

The alignment with the benefit consultant is imperative to long term success of the plan. Here are some key considerations to remember:

  • Have they been recommended? Do they have testimonials and an ability to provide references for the value they offer?
  • Are they referrable…would you recommend this person to another business for equal service?
  • Are they credible…do they mean what they say with the authority to hold up to industry standards?
  • Do they have a profile that is authentic and matches the corporate values?
  • Do they understand company culture and how the benefit plan interacts in an integral way to the overall professional culture of the company?
  • Are they a relationship builder? Remember, the intersection between you and the benefit provider is the consultant. Do they have a long standing relationship with this company?
  • Can they make the corporation look proficient to eliminate in-house patchwork?
  • Predictable and reliable…when you call | e-mail | connect, they are there without long delays.

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