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What could be better than great coverage at a tremendous value?

When I started in the group benefit arena, many products now almost commonplace to small businesses owners, were only available to large companies. I remember distinctly the day my outlook on benefits changed. I was presenting a renewal to a client and walked in elated I had negotiated the rates down. Should be an easy meeting, right?


The client was upset and here was his reasoning:

Each year I came in around September and presented his renewal. His yearend was August and he had spent the summer planning his budget. Good or bad, when I presented the renewal, I threw off the budget. His words to me were, “I need something where I can predict from one year to the next what my costs will be. I need a plan where I can budget a certain percentage per employee for the benefit cost in the same manner I budget all other aspects of my business.”

This event changed the way I not only viewed benefits, but how I implemented and designed plans for all future clients. He was right in so many ways; benefits HAVE to mirror the compensation strategy of a business, regardless of size and be on budget.

In addition to finding providers able to offer Health Spending Accounts to small businesses, I endeavored to remove the ‘complicated’ from insurance. This means if coverage is intended, then it should be covered…none of this Least Cost Alternative pricing where the employee goes to the counter assuming coverage only to be told the prescription they were prescribed doesn’t fall within the coverage parameters. I hate just the thought of that as I can only imagine going to get a script for one of my kids and the frustration that would cause me.

Speaking of claims, the process doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated…ease of claims processing is essential. This would include the availability of using applications on the smart phone, claiming via the web, point of service, using a VISA card platform, photo claims, and of course, the old-fashioned paper route.

On this note, plan members and administrators can log onto web enabled portals for coverage details, set up direct deposit, and make administrative changes in real time. These easy to use platforms ensure members have everything they need to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere.

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