To attract and retain valuable employees is the number one reason to offer an employee group benefit package.

The reason:

because employees who enjoy peace of mind in a financial safety net are better able to concentrate on what you hired them to do…make you money.

Employee Assistance Plans allow the employees to access the services required to get them through the home-life stresses without embarking on co-worker psychology sessions, which now cause the loss of two people from the work force for the duration of this issue.

When it comes to Life and Disability benefits, Employers often offer an employee group benefit plan out of a sense of obligation to protect their employees. But this thought can be turned around and in actual fact be seen to offer protection for the employer. Life and Disability saves the company time, energy and most importantly, money when an employee has a need. With this coverage in place, the employer has no financial obligation to the employee or their beneficiaries other than what the coverage states.

IT happens. The unmentionable items for fear they may come true: cancer, heart attack, stroke, disease, illness, paralysis, blindness and the list goes on. Critical Illness and remote expert second opinion options on a benefit plan could mean the difference of a life cut short, but not cut off AND a life well lived. This coverage is not only affordable, but becoming increasingly necessary in any professional work environment.

Health Spending Accounts are an emerging trend in benefits. As a business, staying competitive and remaining competitive in the marketplace, means having a superior benefit plan. This is where offering items outside the norm will attract top talent. What would it mean to employees to “choose” where they spend their allocated benefit dollars?

Health and Dental benefits are offered tax-free on plans outside the province of Quebec. The value of before tax expenses can mean as much as a 30% savings to employees. Consider this; how much would an individual have to earn to pay for a $100 dental bill. The answer relies on the tax bracket. If they are in a 27% tax bracket, then they would need to earn $127 to pay for that $100 bill. How valuable is an employee group benefit plan if that $100 is covered under the benefit plan? Now, we have just added to the employee’s compensation in a positive fashion.


A well-design Employee Group Benefit package should reflect the company’s business strategy and overall compensation platform.

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