The difference between managing—doing tasks and getting things done, all quantifiable—and leadership—is about creating relationships, said Lalith Gunaratne on “Let’s Talk About This SHifT”. 

Motivating and inspiring others to action requires an emotional intelligence, an understanding of who we expect to follow us. 

Only by understanding this can we help employees to be themselves to inspire positive actions and engagement, to rise to the occasion.

Understanding is about an appreciation of the emotional, not just intellectual. If we are able to understand emotions, feel them, and move beyond them, but accept other people too have an emotional response to the stimulus of life, work, politics, etc., then we can lead. This is where the wisdom within an organization’s leadership team happens. But it is a process acquired through sustainable, on-going practice.

For those interested in improving their leadership skills to an EQ, the question is always where to start. Lalith suggests carving out a space in the say to do the simple items like getting to know people’s names…

  •  Engage in a conversation. 
  •  Be interested. 
  • Actively listen. 
  • Make an effort to understand. 
  • Be empathetic, not sympathetic. 

Make a connection with the people tasked to create the revenue into the corporation. Like going to the gym or changing your diet, your mind is like a sponge requires the constant practice to turn from being a chore to a habit. Everyone wins from “mindful” relationship building.

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