The valuable lessons learned from our clients.

Early in my career as an accidental entrepreneur, I felt to gain the clients confidence I needed to wow them with how much research I had completed regarding insurance and specifically employee group benefits that I would bow them over with my knowledge. Obviously! Needless to say, they were not impressed.

As all entrepreneurs know, it is a sink or swim situation, no matter what your business. The need to survive and thrive made me ask questions, and more importantly LISTEN to the answers, engage in conversation and be curious about their own success. In the listening, wisdom was imparted and here are some of the more valuable lessons. Don’t be fooled into considering them cliché. Remember, clichés are only considered such because they are truth.

When wisdom married knowledge, success was created.

It’s just another day in the calendar. Bad day, good day, uneventful, doesn’t matter. Time marches on and you do what you can do to the best of your ability—every day.

Don’t think it—do it. A written business statement combined with the business plan builds a vision and allows achievable goals.

Never allow yourself to reach your goals. Always build the bigger future. As entrepreneurs we are never done, we pivot and keep on.

Everyone is in sales. If you are communicating in any way and representing a product, service, or have a job, you are in sales. Everyone connected to the business is responsible for the success of the venture.

The super power isn’t finding out what’s wrong, it’s seeking out the opportunities in the problems and finding positive solutions.

Service…service…service. Have we done everything in our power to do to ensure all was done to properly service the customer? If not, do more until done.

Money is a tool, not the goal. Do what you do because you love it.

There is no secret sauce. The special comes from hard work, effort, and constant adherence to doing the job until done.

Ethics matter. No matter what.

Keep learning. We never know all there is to know and never be afraid to admit when you’re wrong, it likely happens daily.

Give generously and share the wisdom. Be a mentor to others because all boats float on a good tide.

Thank you to our exceptional clientele. You are appreciated. 

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