Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) Society has envisioned an Alberta where the environment is a priority since 1982.

Working to ensure Alberta’s laws, policies and legal processes sustain a healthy environment for future generations, the following outlines some priorities:

  • A leader in Alberta’s environmental public policy and law reform charity, the Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has spent the past thirty years offering valued services to the environmental community, everyday citizens, policy-makers, the legal community and corporations.
  • ELC is one of the only nonprofits in Alberta to provide objective information and respected advice on changing environmental legislation land regulations.
  • ELC helps community groups understand and use legal tools to advance their concerns.
  • Working with policy-makers at all levels of government, ELC assists in the creation of better processes for making environmental decisions.
  • ELC promotes cutting-edge legislation to support the right of all Albertans to have a say in their future.
  • The ELC believes in order to make the law and legal processes protect the environment, Albertans need accurate environmental law.

Understanding the strategy of a strong team, The Environmental Law Centre implemented their benefit plan in 2009

Our staff appreciate the flexibility offered to them with this benefit plan and have expressed their preference to having it as part of their overall compensation package,” says Debbie Lindskoog, office manager, Environmental Law Centre.


While remaining competitive in the marketplace, we have chosen to stay a client because the staff of the ELC love the Quikcard plan and are happy with the Great West Live insurance coverage. We have had great customer relations with both companies but we have especially enjoyed the awesome customer service that we have received from Lori Power. We would highly recommend her.


Supporting Environmental Law Centre is crucial to ensure Albertans continue to have access to information to continue to protect Alberta’s environment. Help make the decision making process stronger and more equitable for all Albertans.


A donation is a powerful statement of commitment to protecting the environment and developing natural resources.

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