Memories of a lifetime etched in stone forever.

For more than 55-years, Edmonton Granite Memorials Ltd. has earned the reputation of excellence for personalized custom designed memorials. As a third generation, family owned company, their commitment to the local community and Western Canada is a testament to the quality of their craftsmanship and stewardship in ensuring what they sell, they guarantee.

From cemetery and cenotaph projects, to upright and pillow markers, to flat and bronze markers, children and pet memorials, Edmonton Granite Memorials guarantees that every memorial is certified to be of natural granite or marble. No artificial colouring is ever used to obtain the polish finish on the granite. The granite will not crack or disintegrate from exposure to the elements in any season or any climate.

Serving all faiths and cultures, Edmonton Granite Memorials has a large indoor and outdoor display, ranging in size, colours, and shapes. The on-site manufacturing plant provides every customer with the assurance that the monument is professionally manufactured. As a proud member of the Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) for 25 years, Edmonton Granite Memorials ensure ethical and honest business practices at every stage.

Selecting a monument is an important personal choice—one best made with the assistance of a knowledgeable and compassionate professional. Increasingly, many choose to purchase their own monument in advance. Pre-planning helps loved ones later on, with the ability to select the style, size, and colour of monument preferred. Through a personalized design which you help create, the monument can reflect your beliefs, values, and what is meaningful to you. Families find comfort in knowing their loved one has picked what they want to memorialize their life.

This kind of dedication is reflected in the planning considerations Edmonton Granite Memorials put into building the right benefit plan for their employees.

If you can add something here about what you like about the benefit plan … perhaps it’s uniqueness that sets it apart and keeps the employees happy, along with something about the service you receive, I would be grateful. Thanks,

Edmonton Granite Memorials Ltd.

13623 – 149 Street,

Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 2T3


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