The challenge is to change the conversation focus. To improve the benefit plan, attention has to switch from premium to the benefits gained—the reward to the employee…understanding the claims. By doing this, employers are able to:

  • Make the benefits a reward program, not an entitlement to be abused
  • Build a better plan instead of rates
  • Promote satisfaction through tracked compensation
  • Create a return on investment—putting the money to work for the company
  • Give employees what they want, benefits without sacrifice
  • Give employers what they need, cost certainty on a tax-effective basis

Remember, everyone has fears which wake them in the middle of the night, in no particular order, but there none-the-less:

  • Death
  • Time
  • Money

Employees too have these fears, but lack advisors, money, or basic understanding (sometimes not feeling that they are “worthy” of outside counsel) of how to mitigate these anxieties. Very often access to an employee benefit program is the ONLY coverage they have in the event of a death or disability.

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