If mail delivery is delayed or suspended, we all need to be prepared.


Administration: Use the on-line portals provided by each insurer and benefit provider for billing and reporting. If you are not already signed up for these services, please proceed with enacting this. If you need the form, simply send me an e-mail and I will ensure you received the proper document.

Payment and Billing: Most plans are already set up with pre-authorized debit. If you are not already set up for this service, or require the form, please reach out and I will ensure this is done.

Online disability tools: Most insurers provide access to forms and on-line tools, these can be used these to submit information including claims, manage active claims, and to get reports and updates.

Email: The importance of employee’s email has never been greater. By providing your insurer and benefit provider–or encouraging your employees to sign up directly, employers can be sure that their employees are kept up-to-date with their coverage and important information is shared in real time.


On-line tools: Plan members should be advised to connect both via on-line portals and smart-phone applications to their particular insurer and benefit provider for claim submission and access to their information on benefits, including their benefit booklet, wallet id cards and claiming history.

Email: Plan members are encouraged to register their e-mail to each insurer and provider via the particular portal so they can stay up-top-date on information in real time.

Electronic fund transfers (EFTs): Mail disruption may affect the payment of employee claims for those who still receive paper cheques. Please encourage your plan members to register for direct deposit  to their bank accounts for claim payments.

For now, Canada Post mail service is continuing. But things can change fast. This is a great time to get digital channels set up in the event a disruption occurs.

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