You can’t track, what you DO NOT measure.

In talking about becoming a Centre of Influence (COI), first examine what makes YOUR business different from not only the competition, but also fellow networkers.

Consistency matters. Not just for establishing a Centre’s of Influence group, but becoming a COI to the group.

Centres of Influence are those people (or organizations) that can boost your market access and credibility through referrals, testimonials, and simple word-of-mouth endorsement. Becoming a COI doesn’t happen overnight. COI are people who are generally very well established, good networkers, who can introduce you to the kind of markets (or members) you need, and are looking for.

Ideally, you should be in the network of several Centers of Influence.

  • Make the Time
  • Find the Time
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) makes it worth your TIME.

It’s been said that winning the confidence of one Centre of Influence can create six loyal customers. Of those six new “clients”, there are another TWO Centres of Influence.

Attending random, infrequent “events” to network will NOT create a COI, nor will it turn you into a credible COI.

Like any business plan, only time and consistency can do that.

Create Value.

Don’t just TAKE, instead GIVE first.

Be the expert.

You can’t just hang your shingle atop your door and expect business to cue expectantly. Create conversation and compelling evidence that you are special and unique to win over the best COI, which in turn will translate into business revenue.

“Define YOUR Value”

Invite Participation

Remember, Centers of Influence like to engage other people. Be sure to offer to connect them up with others in your network.

And more important than anything else, retain and maintain your relevance by constant association and one-on-one communication.

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