Imagine you are wherever you purchase toiletries. In the aisles there are rows, upon rows of shampoos. Every make is available. Prices vary. Colour and bottle configuration help to market and catch the buyer’s eye. How does the consumer decide? And once they decide, what creates the loyalty that that is now the ONLY brand for them?

If the choice was only based on getting hair clean, the same bar of soap we use at the kitchen sink would suffice and the cost would be minimal. But that’s not the only choice, or consideration. Above price and function stand a whole set of perceived values which the product must meet to garner long-term loyalty. Does the product lather big foamy suds? How we want our hair to feel after it’s been cleaned by this shampoo matters. If there’s build-up or residue, this mean a product shift—no matter the cost.

The same can be said of choosing a benefit broker to represent and build your benefit plan. On the shelf, insurance is a saturated marketplace with a multitude of professional vying for your business. What sets one apart from the other, really comes down to the lather. The value-add. What happens after the sale?

If the broker only got the business by promising the “cheapest” rates available, then all you have at the end of the day is the bar of soap at the kitchen counter. Sure it gets the job done, but just.

Then there’s the broker/consultant who works with the business, listening to the needs of the employer. Understands the expectation of what the products need to achieve to be functional and appreciated by the workforce. Then and only then, builds a benefit plan designed to match these needs/wants.

Long term loyalty in insurance is not purchased – it’s earned. And it’s earned by understanding lather is not a natural component in shampoo, it’s added to enhance the process and create an enjoyment of the process.

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