Let’s not forget the human component in business

As group benefit consultants, we strive to provide clarity to the complexity that can sometimes be employee group benefits, especially when communication’s limited. That’s not to say the information is not available, perhaps even readily, but is that communication? Is that an employee meeting, is that a person to call when something just doesn’t make sense.

“In a world deluged in irrelevant information, clarity is power.” ~ Anonymous

There is a vast ocean of differences between information and communication.

This couldn’t be more true in this digital age. If technology was king before, it is a tyrant now. These days, for business owners and their staff alike, if they are not hooked up, chances are they are being left behind. But even the best app doesn’t have feelings. The most advanced claims processing bot can’t understand the back story. Digital tools at their very best, will never, in my opinion, be foolproof. And the more technology advances for processing and administration, the more important the role of the consultant in effectively managing the communication to get the overall experience to 100%.

If we think about these most amazing tools that are used every day, grateful for the advanced productivity, and streamline workflow, we need to remember the human at the other end and that is where the consultant comes in—to bridge the tech to the human.

John D. Rockefeller said it best when he said,

“I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other commodity under the sun.”

We can only assume that’s because, as service professionals, we are NOT flour, sugar, milk that can be consumed and discarded.

As your benefit consultant, the value is the human component of the digital experience.

The ability for any business owner to depend on the group consultant’s knowledge, adaptability, network, skills, relationships, and services over the long haul is invaluable to their bottom line and not a commoditized product offering.

Remember, a benefit plan is a trusted retention tool—a promise by the employer to the employee kept.

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