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Companies are starting to look ahead as they plan for the ”new norm.”

We live in an ”Information Age,” where digital technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are at the forefront! Many IT professionals are taking on new roles and challenges. The agile ones will be the ones that will succeed!

There is a simple premise that smart companies look to attract and invest in talented people who prove to be assets for achieving growth and success. By the same token, competent and confident people seek to work for good companies that view their employees as assets. Live Assets was conceived by Olga Fragis on this premise, to serve employers and candidates that measure, think and act alike.

Olga’s philosophy is to treat clients and candidates like true partners. They consider each placement as an investment from which both client and candidate expect to realize a high ROI.

What sets Live Assets apart is their commitment to listen carefully to the needs and goals of clients and their passion for delivering win-win outcomes for the employers and candidatesto which they serve. This yields long-term business relationships and a vast network of employers and talented IT professionals who trust Live Assets to represent them effectively.

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