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Anthea Sargeaunt is the CEO of 2S Water, where they have developed the world’s first sensor for detecting metals in water in realtime.

Anthea was voted Startup Alberta’s Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur 2019, and her company has been awarded the Covergx Precommercialization award for the best new technology with applications in industry and defense, and was selected as one of the top 100 best water innovations.

2S Water have single and multielement sensors for industrial and municipal applications. Know what’s in your water when you need it: now.

Realtime Data

You need to know it now. Not in half an hour, not when the lab gets the results back. Now. We believe that realtime data is the most important part of process optimization and environmental stewardship.

Automation, Support And Maintenace

With 2S Water, you never have to go it alone. Our sensors make it simple: plug and play design, full automation, and support and maintenance are all part of what we provide with every sensor purchase.

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