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SMART: Sales & Marketing Activity Resources Templates

SMART is where efficiency & productivity meet.

Templates are not a one and done.

While a basic format, or templated model is easiest to keep you on track, the actual document should be dynamic in nature and be modified to suit that particular client and situation being highlighted. Organization is essential throughout or else the reader will be confused, and no further action may take place.


Easy to update, templates increase the ability for a professional practitioner to highlight their expertise, customize the message with clarity of content, and keep the process consistent.

Create a library the whole of the office can draw from to ensure relevant information is always included for the client to be both compliant and on-task.

Build your brand, instead of enhancing the carrier/provider brand by aligning preferred fonts, colour scheme and logo so the client always associates your firm with the message.

Eliminate duplication of effort and reduce the work time by creating the process once.

Cut the wait time between gather data from the client and carrier and transitioning it into a proposal for review.

Organize the content according to need of use from lead development, prospect management, and client maintenance.

Focus on useful conversations with clients, instead of back-end office administration.

Reduce liability errors or missed information by building out the layout and content ahead of time.

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