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Laural Carr is an Award-winning Marketer | Kolbe™ Certified Consultant | Creator of BizBackdrop™ | Professional Speaker

Laural and the team at Impagination are passionate about creating fast-action marketing plans and unique branded tools to help boutique professionals and knowledge-based firms to differentiate their services, leverage opportunities and shorten the time to acquire new business.

With so many marketing options available for amplifying your voice in the marketplace, how do you choose the right ones to create a journey for prospective clients to know, like and trust you?

Do you really know who to target and what message will ensure you are heard?

Are you leveraging a unique position in the market?

You want positive traction, so why waste time, money or energy experimenting or dabbling when a strategic approach will accelerate the process. Let Impagination help you get it right so you can get the results you want fast.

Their proprietary process and tools ensure:
1. Fast-action strategic thinking to achieve measurable results that grow profits.
2. Outstanding branding that leads to powerful client engagement.

As a professional speaker, Laural loves sharing her tried and true tips for “Finding Your Next “BEST” Client” and “Refreshing Your Brand Persona Perspective.”

Join the great conversation.

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