GreenLink Forestry Inc. is a leading resource consulting firm providing quality resource inventory services for more than 15-years.

GreenLink Forestry Inc. is recognized as a progressive leader in the management and development of all forestry land in Alberta. With a reputation as a leader and a tradition of excellence, GreenLink provides quality consulting services both in Alberta and across Canada. As inventory specialists, they have completed in excess of 10-million hectars of inventory programs across Canada and the United States.

The professional and technical staff are specialist in:

  • Resource Inventories
  • Resource Planning
  • GIS Solutions
  • Field Services

GreenLink offers a full range of inventory services in both conventional and the latest softcopy technology, including:

  • Vegetation Classification
  • Eco-site Classification
  • Base Map Updates
  • Inventory Design
  • Aerial Photography Acquisition
  • Inventory Audits
  • Customized Operational Inventories

GreenLink’s advances in imagery acquisition and softcopy software has positively influenced provincial inventory policy and practices and established new inventory standards. This makes GreenLink a preferred choice in Alberta.

Skilled staff provide clients with the following services:

  • Sampling Design
  • Compilation
  • Growth and Yield Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Resource Surveys
  • Resource Assessments
  • Habitat Modeling
  • Ecological Modeling

GreenLink believes its people are its most valuable asset and therefore, providing a healthy and safe environment is important. They do this by promoting a ‘team’ culture with ‘family’ values and understands employees are much happier and motivated when there is a balance between home life and work.

Having a health benefit plan shows employees that GreenLink cares about their well-being,” says Sonia Prsa, Office Manager. “In 2007 we decided to go with MP Benefits Inc., and have no regrets. Lori [Power] was able to understand our needs well enough to find solutions to issues and challenges rather than us selling us a product.


Lori is always available and provides valuable information on a range of health plans, costs and benefits. Lori was a valuable resource in helping to develop and maintain an effective health wellness program. In today’s competitive marketplace, finding a company like MP Benefits is an essential part of an overall compensation strategy for retaining employees. You want someone who can guide you through changes and be able to plan ahead.


GreenLink’s employees appreciate and value the benefits they receive.

GreenLink Forestry Inc.

Suite 201, 10565 – 172 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta,T5S 1P1




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