Let’s Talk About SHifT

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Jayne Huhtanen understands the challenges facing business owners, managers and leaders today; she faces them herself.

Delivering business growth and balancing professional and personal commitments can be overwhelming. Despite this, Jayne believes you can get what you want out of life. She creates a safe, supportive environment for her clients to learn and grow, and transform their business, professional and personal life.

Jayne combines proven systems and tools with her extensive business and organizational experience at Procter & Gamble, to help her clients find and implement the lasting solutions they need.

Her programs deliver:

– Financial freedom through business growth and achieving professional goals

– Time freedom by developing proficiency at running a business Combined, this creates personal freedom.

Jayne frequently speaks at events sponsored by RBC and for professional organizations such as Professional Engineers Ontario and the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada, on Leadership, Business Planning, Diversity, Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness.

A client at Jayne’s Productivity workshop said ‘You have changed my life.’ Jayne supports women entrepreneurs by sitting on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs and the Markham Board of Trade’s Women’s Networking Leadership Team. She has been interviewed about women and entrepreneurship by Report on Business Magazine and The Financial Post.

Here’s why we all need to talk about this SHifT. Strategic, consistent conversations with experts will assist professionals and entrepreneurs alike to improve their business practices through interactive conversations inclusive of communication, leadership, culture, consulting, wellness, compensation, community, growth, and connection which creates actionable ideas for sustainable growth.

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