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Inspiring Ideas for Energizing your Workplace

As a recovering manager who barely survived working in a soul-sucking, fun-sucking, Dilbert-like work environment, Michael Kerr’s mission is to change how the world works, one workplace at a time.

Humor at Work is focused on “The Way Work OUGHT To Be”: Helping to create more innovative, fun, successful, and high-performing workplaces.

It’s a fact … Culture drives success, and it’s every business #1 competitive advantage, so regardless of the business, success starts by building a great workplace culture.

Michael Kerr offers presentations from keynotes to full day workshops, coaching and resources aimed to help employees and leaders build a more inspiring workplace culture, with a focus on four key workplace values: customer service, communication, creativity, and humor.

Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame Business Speaker who helps leaders create inspiring workplace cultures that drive outrageous results. If you haven’t already, buy his books, get engaged, and engage your people.

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