Connecting communication strategies to business (benefit) objectives, recruitment, retention, and productivity requirements is necessary to effectively drive the overall purpose of the organization.

…that’s where there’s “power” in conversation.

The “Help Wanted” Ad & Benefits

It’s not enough to advertise “total rewards” or “competitive benefits” any longer when it comes to recruitment if you can’t back up the slogans with actual data.

  • What constitutes “total rewards” or “competitive” in your organization?
  • How does this compare to the competition?
  • How do you know?
  • Does your benefit plan align with the productivity requirements?
  • Does the benefit plan support the overall corporate culture?
  • Is there an emotional health and wellness option?
  • Does it take into account employee | family needs?
  • Does the plan provide choice and control through both a health spending and personal spending account options?

Sharp, sophisticated talent, the very people you want to attract, are looking for MORE when it comes to their committing to work for you. This includes being savvy when it comes the benefits they are being offered.

Here are some strategies that can showcase the importance of benefits to the compensation offering:

???? The Narrative: What’s the story behind this position and the benefit plan—the WHY—in a short concise sentence. Doing this will foster trust, the “first impression” and engagement. 

???? Strategic Communication: This highlights the intricacies of your business and how the benefits help set you apart in your marketplace. Remember you are being compared to all social media marketing, reviews, customer insights, etc. Potential new hires are analyzing the market environment prior to responding.

???? Choice & Consideration: Potential talent needs to know they will belong. A key to a strong connection via an ad is when the benefit plan aligns with the productivity and safety requirements. For example:

  • As this position expects that the candidate will be computer savvy, our benefit package covers the ACTUAL cost of vision care so you don’t have to squint or suffer eye strain
  • “We understand the need for our on-site trades to maintain mobility and for that reason we offer access to chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.”

???? Expected Queries: Anticipate questions by reassuring recruits that communication is an on-going intentional strategy of the organization. This will build reputation even before the hiring documents are signed. Knowing in advance that the employer is committed to provide more than just a benefit/policy booklet or access to a digital application, reassures recruits that you are more than words on a page. 

???? Data Impact: “The proof is the pudding“. An investment in building strategic communication which includes the benefit package will optimize your time and get you a leg up of attracting the “right” recruits and build toward retention to reduce the cost of advertising, hiring, and training over and over again.

There’s “power” in conversation. Let’s explore the possibilities together. I am here to help.

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