Integrity in business is spoken of often and practice every day. This is done through building trusting and lasting relationships with customers. Providing quality service at the agreed upon price and being there after the sale to continue to service the ongoing needs is what it means to be integral to your clients.

By the same token, Employee Group Benefits are synonymous to a company’s integrity by their very essence of being introduced to attract and retain top quality employees. Benefits are the promise to the employee to work in conjunction with both on-going compensation and continued protection for their future well-being.

Integrity is deeply ingrained in the offering of benefit products for all client organizations. Integrity in offering benefits to our clients is the foundation of our success. Identifying the best benefit providers and underwriters who will adhere to their promised policy and procedures defines the difference between having claims paid as expected or a client paying for something—going with the “cheaper” cost just to have something in place.

Think of benefits this way…do you want to drive on safe, aligned, weather relevant tires or a set of bald, barely get you there tires just to say there are wheels on the vehicle?

Probably not.

Integrity in benefits means:

  • Tax effective for both the corporation and the end user—the employee
  • A successful plan is correctly priced to cover employee’s needs as outlined in the policy
  • Consistent coverage which integrates with corporate policies
  • As a compensation offering, hiring decisions are easier, building strong alliances between employer and employee
  • The assimilation between policies and procedures means the whole of the organization is on the same clear decision path
  • This leads to consistency, which then builds the corporate reputation, hence ultimate success in a value system.

Commitment to integrity creates a clear purpose to establish a vision, and a set of values, which together govern decision-making at every level.


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