Let’s Talk About SHifT

You have questions and need answers from expert sources. Join Lori Power, Founder of MP Benefits on her weekly zoom-cast.

Certification is the first step towards understanding how the employee experience stacks up and towards getting recognized for the great workplace you’ve built.

Being a “great place to work” means:

*growth in the bottom line

*increased innovation

*an ability to attract TOP talent

*know what works and more importantly what doesn’t

*growing your brand through your internal client (employee) for national acclaim to your outside client (customer)

Great Place to Work Certification is an accreditation which demonstrates to the market that you are an employer of choice while also helping you become an even better workplace through reporting, analysis and next steps to enable an even more successful culture.

But how do you get there and what’s the first step?

Join in our conversation with Chris Collins, from People to Go to learn how he worked with his team to take his company from one of the worst to the BEST places to work.

As the first employee of PeopleToGo, to becomming one of the owners in March 2020, Chris has had the privilege of developing a broad base of experience in sales, marketing, service delivery, project management, and software development, playing a pivotal role in helping PeopleToGo become a trusted provider of IT resources and technology services to companies doing business in North America.

Here’s why we all need to talk about this Strong Impact Culture SHifT. Strategic, consistent conversations with experts will assist professionals and entrepreneurs alike to improve their business practices through interactive conversations inclusive of communication, leadership, culture, consulting, wellness, compensation, community, growth, and connection which creates actionable ideas for sustainable growth.






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