MP Benefits Perspective

Since 2001, MP Benefits Inc. has operated as an independent group benefit consultant, specializing in designing strategic employee group benefit plans to align with the corporate, compensation, culture, and wellness policies of each corporation.


Let’s play a game…What? So what?

What do we do and why? Sometimes offering a benefit plan for employees seems like a game. A game of cat and mouse. A game whereby business owners want to check the box of offering a benefit plan to attract employees into the fold, but they don’t get behind the...

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Are Benefit Marketing’s for Amateurs?

Too true, and rightly so, business owners deserve the best rates. Always. But at what cost to their coverage and employees? That is an ironic question. As benefit consultants, do we not need to first and foremost ensure the coverage is in place as expected? Consider,...

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The Value of a $Dollar

Special thanks to Gavin Mosley for igniting the spark for this posting. After years of working with employers on building benefits, I think there are one of two roads for employee group benefit plan discussions: 1.     Build a plan according to the rates (premium)...

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The Benefit Volley

Is this also known as “pass the buck”? We seem to have developed an unhealthy methodology in the benefits world…pass the claim. There are multiple levels to choose from: Level one: An employer doesn’t offer a benefit plan to the employee, or limits coverage to...

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The Value of a Thorough Analysis

Just how do employers know their benefit plan has the financial integrity to not be taken advantage of via fraud or other forms of mismanagement?  While some organization will hire outside practitioners to complete a full financial audit of all of their benefits,...

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What do benefits really mean?

Well, certainly as a benefit broker (I do not work for an insurance carrier) I’m jaded when it comes to espousing the “value” of an employee benefit plan. Like many things in life, until you actually experience something, you can not understand the real worth. Group...

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The Legalities of Employee Benefits

Let’s me start by stating MP Benefits Inc. is not a law firm, nor are we lawyers. Our insights are gained through observation, related readings, and experiences. Even the most common of situations can create a liability issue for a well-meaning business owner. There...

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Death and Taxes

If there’s one thing to know about benefits: It’s all about DEATH & TAXES That’s right. A well-rounded, well-balanced plan will take in account the requirements for the needs of insurance at death, as well as covering off the other “risk” factors: Risk of loss of...

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When Culture gets Flushed Away

Okay, I have to share this, but if you are eating, don’t read on … I’ve had to get quite a bit of dental work done lately to replace decades-old fillings. Due to these experiences as a child, I am one of those patience with some anxiety prior to sitting in the...

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The Drip

Culture Imagine the relaxing jets of water from a lovely shower head, warm on a cold day. Imagine one of the jets out of line and a small drop of icy water drips onto your head. Even amongst the warm water, this one drop is felt and disturbs the enjoyment of the...

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However we view communication, whether it be with clients, family members, on social media, with an audience, our teammates, etc. it comes down to considering the messaging, targeting the audience, and knowing what outcome we want to achieve. For communication to be...

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Mental Health & EAP

The tragedy behind having an employee assistance program for employees is when they either are not aware of the coverage due to lack of effective communication, or remain too tentative to access the coverage.  More than ever, employers need to approach their benefit...

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Words Matter

Some say the pandemic has created an evolutionary marker in time where all things before have transitioned into something new. Certainly, when it comes to human interactions and how we view communication, we can agree. Highlighted throughout the pandemic is the...

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Prior to March 2020, more than 30% of all disability claims in Canada were mental health-related. Even with such staggering figures, and despite EAP programs having been around for decades, employer’s response to implementing Employee Assistance Programs remained a...

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Client News

Tire Warehouse

More than just tires Everyone knows—or should know—tires make a significant different in the vehicle’s performance. But the Tire Warehouse is more than just tires. With 4 locations in Edmonton, The Tire Warehouse is a leading auto repair shop with services provided by...

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Guest Post: Simbio Analytics

Benefit plan advisors of a certain vintage may recall learning in childhood that 3 is the magic number. It turns out this wisdom also applies to firms evaluating whether to initiate a marketing of their group benefit plan. Firms, carriers, and advisors are all...

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Pro Works

Warning: Pro Works Painting is passionate about what they do! With close to a decade of of getting the job done right, on time, and on budget, keeping the client in the loop every step of the way, Keiko McPherson has built a...

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