I’m a firm believer that if you set yourself on the right path, you will meet the right people to help you succeed. From this, I remember that with every interaction, I should be able glean a nugget which will help me personally, professionally, or both. This, I am convinced, will enable me to gain a WEALTH of knowledge which I can then share and pass along with others I meet along this winding road.

In this light, I have always relied heavily upon personal, in-person interactions. Pandemic 2020 certain put paid to that. But as business people, we are resourceful and have found a multitude of ways to continue to connect. In planning the pivot, I considered that in order to be successful, I had to translate the same methodology I used with in-person connecting to the virtual platform. This meant I needed to:

Be focused

Be present




How easy it is to get distracted. How easy it is to shuffle by an opportunity to imagine just waiting “it” all out. Then a colleague reminded me of the penny example.

Imagine, you’re walking along the street and see a penny (so rare these days since they don’t make them anymore, but for the sake of the example, you’ll indulge that it would be there). As you consider whether to take the time and make the effort to bend to pick it up, you are faced with a choice. You can accept $1,000,000 right there and then, OR, you can exert the energy for this penny which has been promised to double in value every day for 31-days.

What do you do?

Like anything else, it’s hard to see the value in the short term. Day one and all you have is a penny and regret…day three is little better with four pennies. Progress begins by day ten when you have $5.12 and are really kicking yourself on how you passed up a million bucks. But, you’re into it now and vested to see this through to the end. Then things are looking up at day twenty when you have $5,242, but with only eleven days to go, how can you ever come close to the money you passed up? The second-guessing plagues your sleep.

But wait…on day 29, you double the million mark with $2,684,354 and you’ve still two days to go … you’re at the end of your month and you’ve surpassed TEN-MILLION-DOLLARS. $10,737,418. Though this example illustrates all things investment-related, it also highlights the importance of investing in yourself and others with the tools presented. Connections, like pennies (if they were still minted) can double each day and create greater wealth than just the one encounter.

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